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Lead of high purity of the CO brand


Chemical characteristics finished goods
Grade Chemical composition, %
Lead at Least Impurities, at least
Ag Cu Zn Bi As Sn Sb Fe Mg+
CO 99,997 0.0002 0.0003 0.001 0.0003 0.0003 0.0003 0.0003 0.000 0.001 0.008


Lead oxide (Litharge) of PbO-99,8%, grade G-1, standard specification 5539-73


Chemical characteristics finished goods
Item Аnalysis
Mass fraction of lead oxide (PbO) 99,8
Mass fraction of metal lead (Pb) 0,01
Mass fraction of lead dioxide (PbO2) 0,02
Mass fraction of water and volatile substances 0,01
Mass fraction of iron Fe 0,000
Mass fraction of substances not dissolved in [HNO3 +Н2О2],% 0,01
Results of the spectral analysis, % Pb > 50; Si 0,03; Al 0,006; Ca 0,006; Fe 0,08; Mg 0,01; Mn 0,004; V 0,02; Ti 0,002; Bi 0,0006; Ni 0,004



Lead grade “CO” is manufactured pursuant to the requirements of uniform design documentation system according to GOST 3778-98.

Lead is founded in the shape of pigs having flat bottom or interlocking one, ingots, and blocks. The shape and dimensions of blocks and ingots, as well as the ingots’ weight, are determined as agreed by the manufacturer and consumer.

The finished goods’ qualitative characteristic (international standard of GOST 3778-98)

Grade Chemical composition, %
Lead, at least Impurities, at least
Ag Cu Zn Bi As Sn Sb Fe Mg+
CO 99,992 0.0003 0.0005 0.001 0.003 0.0005 0.0005 0.0005 0.0001 0.002 0.008

Electrorefining consists in dissolving of the anode founded from black lead and precipitation of lead in the form of pure grade metal on the cathode. Impurities of black lead remain as slime either on the anode or pass into electrolyte without precipitation on the cathode.

Chemically purified lead oxide (litharge) РЬО – 99.8%, grade G-1, and GOST 5539-73 is manufactured by melting under the oxidizing conditions with participation of the metal lead catalysts.

Application of litharge (industrial lead oxide):

  • Glass industry: lead crystal and glass production, including electrovacuum, and electroceramics.
  • Radio engineering industry: electric-carbonic products and batteries.
  • General mechanical rubber industry: production of the siccatives, lead-yellow and lead- molybdate crowns, and stabilizers of polyvinylchloride.
  • Paint and varnish industry: anticorrosive pigment, component of putties, and hermetic sealing.
  • Chemical synthesis: lead salts’ production.

Depending on the application, the following grades of litharge can be manufactured:

G1 - for lead crystal, lead-orange crown, electroceramics, and crystal glass.
G2- for the siccatives, lead-yellow and lead-molybdate crowns, and stabilizers of polyvinylchloride.
G3- for the electric-carbonic products and batteries.
G4 - for rubber.
G6 - for lead crystal, electrovacuum and crystal glass.

Physical and chemical characteristics of litharge, GOST 5539-73.

Name of characteristic Grade standard
G-1 G-2 G-3 G-4 G-6
1-st 2-nd
Mass fraction of lead oxide (РЬО), %, at least 99,8 98,7 98,5 98,5 96,5 99,8
Mass fraction of metal lead (РЬ), %, less than 0,01 0,50 1,00 1,00 1,80 0,01
Mass fraction of lead dioxide (РЬО2), %, less than 0,02 0,2 0,3 0,3 - -
Mass fraction of iron (Fe), %, less than 0,001 0,005 0,001 0,005 - 0,001
Mass fraction of substances not dissolved in HNO3+H2O2, %, less than 0,01 0,04 0,01 0,08 0,40 0,01
Mass fraction of water and volatile substances, %, less than  0,01 0,3 0,02 0,3 0,3 0,1
Remain, %, less than, on the screen sieve:
Apparent density, g/cm3 1,7-2,2 - 1,7-2,2 2 ,5-4,0
Sulfuric acid adsorption, g/100 g of the litharge - - -  4,0-7,0 -

Our enterprise developed the production of lead-based stabilizing agents for PVC.

The below-specified production is for your attention:

Trade name Chemical description
ALROPAN DLP Dibasic lead phthalate
ALROPAN DLS Dibasic lead stearate
ALROPAN Neutral lead stearate

We recommend using these productions for the following PVC items: boards, linings, windowsills, sewer pipes, drainage pipes, corrugated pipes, conduits, skirts, valances, foam profile, ceiling sheet, and window profile.

Production principle:


“ALROPAN” stabilizing agents enable You to manufacture any PVC product. You will not require any other chemical components. The specified system is developed only for your enterprise taking into account all technical and technological production features. “PLAstab” stabilizer will make possible to use the formulation which does not need to be controlled by lubricants and costabilizers. The stabilizing agent contents the high-grade system of chemical components. Our experts render the technological support at all work stages by arriving at your enterprise, from the development and during all time of consumption of our product.

Dear manufacturers!

Our company is ready to produce the PVC processing stabilizers and render the high-level technological support for You. Having conducted the experiments, you will get, besides the economic gain, the reliable partner in our person.


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